I’m a filmmaker based in Utrecht, The Netherlands.
I love to build and explore worlds. Parallel universes, utopian or dystopian, often linked to notions of conflict, decay, levitation, escapism, dream v.s. reality and meaning (or in short: the human condition?)
My aim is to create an immersive experience, like a dream that stays with you during the day. Short adventures that transport you to another dimension and tickles the brain.

Short film is my favourite format, because it leaves a lot of room to experiment or just play with form and narrative, image and sound.
In contrast to working with a strict scenario, most of the time I start with only a basic concept or just an image and let the work evolve organically.
Finding (sometimes fighting) my way through without knowing where it will end exactly. While rooted in the history of cinema, I’m also inspired by music, art, science and philosophy.

If you need more information send an e-mail to info@amosmulder.com.

Naast mijn werk als filmmaker ben ik ook beschikbaar als freelance editor (fcp, premiere) & animator (ae).
Voor meer informatie mail naar info@amosmulder.com.

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